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I have been so inspired to try new recipes thanks to my {Pinterest Food Board}. As a new feature here at A Woman’s Haven I will share which recipes our family liked, which ones were easy, which ones will make again and which ones we will pass on next time. Here are a couple that we tried this week.

Chicken Caesar Sandwiches:

These were super easy and very tasty! I made a double batch and used the meat the following day to make Chicken Caesar wraps for lunch…two for one! We will make this again. I may even make some and freeze it as an easy go-to meal for a busy day.

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From {Chef In Training}

Dill Cucumber Salad:

Again a very easy recipe! I loved the taste and it was a nice light salad for a warm Spring day! I will also make this again!

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From {Six In The Suburb}


  1. Wow! Good idea! I'm always looking at food on Pinterest and LOVE the Chef in Training! I had considered doing a "Julia & Julia' thing and try to do a recipe every day haha! Love the sound of the slow cooked chicken (love to get two meals from one!) and what a nice thing to do with cucumber (cucumber can be soo boring *snore*)

    Looking forward to hearing what you try next!

  2. I also love to get two meals from one! This is such a good idea for a post, and you will have done all the hard work by testing the recipes out for us, so a Win-Win situation!

  3. Oh yum! Definatley wanna try the chicken sandwich recipe!