Bitty Baubles Boo!

I took a trip to my Grandmother's
who always has a tremendous amount of "stuff"
and is always very generous in giving me any of it.
I went with the intentions
of looking through a drawer full of buttons
for craft projects that I was interested in making.
Along with bringing home
a fabulous amount of vintage buttons
I also brought home
a mountain of mismatched broken jewelry
that I can play with.
I have all kinds of
ideas twisting in my head,
but here are the
necklace pendants
that I made last night
from all of the remnants.


  1. Oh boy, so many fun things to play with! Love what you created! Looks wonderful! Dee Dee

  2. They look beautiful Chas! Love them. Don't you just love repurposing. Especially with free stuff.

  3. Lucky you! BEautiful pieces and I adore what you did with them. Soooo pretty :)

    Thanks for joining Mi4M~

  4. I lover you blog and I love these pieces! So beautiful!