Reinvent Your Stuff: 20 Fun DIY Projects

list of 20 easy ways to
decorate reusing items
from around your house.
Turning CD cases into
frames for photos is
a great and inexpensive way
to display some of
your favorite photos.
I love this idea!

Twisted Pinky

I came acrossed this fabulous website today:
Twisted Pinky 365 promises worth making...
I just love inspirational websites and this definately fits.


Christine Arylo presents
Spring SELF-LOVE Studio Conversation
40 days of self-love
7 question...7 conversations

Each week:
Tune into the conversation of the week.
Take the DARE that each woman gives at the end of each call.

Click HERE to listen to the first week's conversation.

One project done!
Wicker has a fresh coat of paint!
Now hopefully I can get
many more projects
accomplished this week.

My First Auction!

Just sharing some items
I purchased at an auction
this Saturday.
It was the first time
I have ever participated
in a household auction and
although it is time consuming
I did LOVE browsing
through everything.
I was able to get
some GREAT items
for CHEAP!
I think I am HOOKED!
This map below I purchase for $2.

I will be painting my
kitchen cabinets WHITE this summer.
My plan is to have
a couple of cabinets open
so I am on the look out for
new dishes and glassware
that will display beautifully.
I LOVE this turquoise Pyrex bowl for $5.
These glasses came in a box for $5.

This chip bowl was my favorite find of the day! I paid $5 for it!

These two amber glasses came in the same box as the turquoise ones.

Happy Monday!

Being GRATEFUL for
what we have
no matter how small it is
delivers us straight in
the universal flow of