Idea File: Mountain Dew Bottle Jewelry Holder

Yes! This is really made from Mountain Dew Bottles! Jen @ {EPBOT} has the tutorial for this easy, low cost project.

Daily Wisdom

You can get this print at {30 Handmade Days}!

A Self Portrait or Two…


I haven’t had too many photos taken of myself since having the little one. I am not very photogenic and show weight in my face really easily so I am usually really self-conscious when it comes to having my photo taken. The added 15 post baby pounds and not being able to erase the tired look from my face right now really add to me feeling uneasy about photos, but…. I followed {Shawna’s} tutorial on how to do no heat curls and was pretty happy how it turned out so I shot a few photos of myself.




2 Months Old









House Haven Tour: Thistle Wood



My home is truly my haven for my family, our respite from the world. At {Thistlewood Farm}, the halls are filled with love and laughter.

Thistle Wood 72Kitchen01

And each day brings with it a new adventure.....

Thistle Wood 72Jan2012_55

family game nights, popcorn and hot chocolate, homemade chocolate chip cookies, tables covered in glitter from craft projects and kittens curled up next to the fire.

You see, this is our forever and ever house. A house we can fill with memories. A house where we can play games of Monopoly that never end, read books in the leafy branches of a tree house, follow a winding path to create projects galore in a tiny art house and tell jokes that always end with “orange you glad you didn’t say banana.” Thistle Wood 72Jan2012_12

A house where tiny hands and tiny hearts can raise turtles and fish and dogs and cats. A house where a warm fire, a good book and a cup of hot tea are always waiting. A house for friends and family to know they are special.

My house is my haven because this is where a family that was looking for a house, finally found a home.

Love What You Do

Check out After Nine to Five for…

Today Ashley is asking us Why We Are HERE? Meaning here in the blogging world.


When I started my blog 2.5 years ago I didn’t realize how much a part of my life it would become. I was laid off from my job of ten years and had time on my hands. We had also just purchased our new home and I found a ton of crafting and decorating inspiration in blog land. I have always enjoyed collecting the things that inspire me whether it be photos, quotes, or ideas I have always loved cataloging them in some fashion. I have files with ideas I have pulled out of magazines, journals filled with quotes and books I have read highlighted to the hilt.   My blog became another way for me to gather and share those things that I love. In the process of sharing the things that inspired me I also shared my home, creativity, family and friends.

My blog has evolved over the last two years considerably. It may not have grown with a ton of followers and I am far from being a blog “celebrity”, but I love the content of what I share with my readers. My love of photography has been renewed and grown. My love of nature has been captured many times. What others may have seen as mundane moments have become magical to me through the lens of a camera. I think that is what is wonderful for me about blogging…taking the time in the simplest moments to see beauty and for that today I am grateful.

Check out these posts to see some highlights from the last two years:

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Spring Walk


The nice 80 degree weather prompted us to get out yesterday and enjoy our first walk.

He slept the entire walk while I soaked in the sun and scenery.







Nightstand Redo and Some Bedroom Ideas

I found this photo from Etsy and knew that once I started my bedroom redo I wanted something similar.

Pinned Image

We have a very small bedroom and are always needing creative storage ideas. I thought a bedside table with drawers would be the perfect solution. My mom had these two stands in her storage area not being used so I grabbed them to make them useful and pretty again.



Our room can also be rather dark so I painted them white to lighten things up a bit.



I love the insert of detail!


Using this photo as inspiration for lighting I then found…

Pinned Image

two of these lamps on Ebay. $65 for both including shipping I thought was a great price!



After taking the above photo I did add the 4th knob.

A few photo for some more ideas I have and will be working towards…

Under the Bed Storage:

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Headboard ideas:

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Click photos for sources.

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