Rate This Recipe: 2nd Edition

Time to share my thoughts on a few recipes I have tried recently from my {Pinterest Food Board}.

Fruit Salsa with Baked Cinnamon Chips

We loved this recipe! I did not add any sugar as the recipe called and the flavor was still yummy. I also had to substitute frozen whole strawberries for fresh ones because my local grocery store was out that day. I brought this dish to Easter brunch and it went over great!

For the recipe visit:
[The Girl Who Ate Everything}

Bourbon Street Chicken

This was very easy to make. I served it over whole grain rice. I will make this again for my family.

Bourbon Street Chicken
For the recipe visit:
Big Oven}

Chicken Parmesan

I seen this recipe on the Nate Berkus Show. I was intrigued with how easy it looked so I thought I would try it. It was another hit with my family. The crust on the chicken turned out wonderful! I liked the three step technique for coating the chicken.

Gabriella's Chicken Pamigiana
For recipe visit:
Nate Berkus Show}

Easter at our house…

Better late than never. Adjusting to working again and having baby has left little or no time for blogging. I still wanted to share some of our Easter photos so here they are.

My first Easter…


Teen Easter Baskets…






House Haven Tour: The Simple Things

Thank you so much to Chas for having me! I am Angela from The Simple Things where I blog about enjoying the simple things in life as well as ways to simplify your life. I am honored to be posting at one of the first blogs I followed! Today I am sharing a bit of my home with you. We bought our home new and were lucky enough to not have to do any work to it other than decorate. It is our forever house and I pictured us living here years before we moved in. My husband and I moved in when I was 7 months pregnant with our first (and only so far) baby so the nursery was a priority for us and we poured ourselves into this project.

My husband and I painstakingly applied this vinyl tree decal which I ordered online thinking it would be easier than painting a tree. It was NOT since the tree was sent in 79 individual pieces!
I love how it turned out though.
I would sit in the chair in this room we created for this little person we had not met yet, rubbing my belly and wondering...who would he or she be? Anticipating the time we would spend in this room together, rocking and reading and playing and laughing... Wondering how our life would change, but knowing I would love him or her so, so much because I already did. And this baby was so wanted, just like the sign below states.
This was a gift from my husband and the sign is not crooked~I just need to improve on my photography skills!
I have an appreciation for homemade gifts, so this quilt is very special. It was a gift from my coworkers.
The photos on either side of the window were taken when our little bundle was just a few days old. I highly recommend having newborn photos taken. They grow so quickly. The photo on the right is the wooden bowl that we keep our remotes in. Even a few weeks later, she was unable to fit in that bowl (we tried...she fell out and cried...I was upset...she was not hurt...now we laugh about it)
I also love her closet. Since I am obsessed with interested in organizing, this is perfect.
I think my little girl loves the closet the best as she can often be found in here, reading her books..
Well, that baby that the room was created for is now my almost-two-year old little girl and this room suits her so well. As anticipated, we spend time in her cuddling and reading and rocking together. The room is calming and comfortable and each piece that was chosen for this space has meaning and purpose. As we prepare for an upcoming transition to a little girl's room, it is the next chapter for all of us.... but until then, we will enjoy this space a little longer.
Thanks for stopping by!


Along The Way

Behind our home is a walking path that we use almost daily in the Spring, Summer and Fall. It is transformed into a snowmobile trail in the Winter so we steer clear of it then.
The path is an old railway that is now paved for walking and biking.
It goes right through our little rural town just as the old railway did.
Because it crosses with another trail right in the middle of town we affectionately call ourselves “Crossroads”. We even has a Summer festival called the Crossroads Festival.
A few years ago our town rebuilt a replica of the original train depot that sat on the “crossroad” of the two railways.
It is now a place that has an indoor and outdoor community space including an outdoor fireplace and fire pit. My baby shower was held in the indoor space.
A favorite route of mine is to travel through the covered bridge and head down to the trail that continues along the river.
The river walk connects the two town parks and you almost always have someone to pass along the way sharing a friendly smile & wave.
Having this path for us to walk and enjoy nature on a regular basis even in spite of living right in the city makes it an even more special place to to call home.

Rate This Recipe!

I have been so inspired to try new recipes thanks to my {Pinterest Food Board}. As a new feature here at A Woman’s Haven I will share which recipes our family liked, which ones were easy, which ones will make again and which ones we will pass on next time. Here are a couple that we tried this week.

Chicken Caesar Sandwiches:

These were super easy and very tasty! I made a double batch and used the meat the following day to make Chicken Caesar wraps for lunch…two for one! We will make this again. I may even make some and freeze it as an easy go-to meal for a busy day.

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From {Chef In Training}

Dill Cucumber Salad:

Again a very easy recipe! I loved the taste and it was a nice light salad for a warm Spring day! I will also make this again!

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From {Six In The Suburb}