2012 House Haven Tour Recap

House Haven Tour Button Summer 2 2012 

Creating a personal haven for myself and my family brings me JOY. I love everything about decorating our home to share who we are as a family. I love creating a cozy little haven for our friends & family to enjoy when they visit us. I have gathered so many wonderful personal memories from sharing my home throughout the years with those I love. Christmas parties, backyard barbeques, or small intimate dinner parties have all given me moments I will cherish.

I also love seeing how other people share their personality through their home! Out of this love came my desire to host House Haven Tours here at A Woman’s Haven. I wanted others to see and share that love also. I have been truly grateful for everyone who shared their home with myself and my readers. Every time a fellow blogger accepted my invitation to participate I was overcome with gratitude and I couldn’t wait to receive their tour post.

I have always said A Woman’s Haven was a place for me to gather the things that inspire me in the hopes that it may inspires others. I hope this will continue in 2013!

For now I would like to give you a recap of all of the beautiful havens that were shared in 2012.

Here goes….

Amy’s House Haven Tour
Visit Amy @ A Nest for All Seasons

A nest for all seasons 2

Heather’s House Haven Tour
Visit Heather @ The Lovely Cupboard

Lovely Cupboard living room console table[1]

Michelle’s House Haven Tour
Visit Michelle @ The Emerald Cove

Heather’s House Haven Tour
Visit Heather @ {Twenty} Something

4 12 11 002

Kari Anne’s House Haven Tour
Visit Kari Anne @ Thistlewood Farm

Thistle Wood 72Kitchen01

Angela’s House Haven Tour
Visit Angela @ The Simple Things

Amy’s House Haven Tour
Visit Amy @ The Blissful Bee


Alicia’s House Haven Tour
Visit Alicia @ La Famille

Holly’s House Haven Tour
Visit Holly @ Life as a Thrifter

Jamie’s House Haven Tour
Visit Jaime @ Raising Up Rubies

Jenna’s House Haven Tour
Visit Jenna @ Paddington Way

Kelly’s House Haven Tour
Visit Kelly @ The Lily Pad Cottage

Rita Joy’s House Haven Tour
Visit Rita Joy @ Harbour Breeze Home

after straight on

Allison’s House Haven Tour
Visit Allison @ The Golden Sycamore

Amy’s House Haven Tour
Visit Amy @ The Happy Tulip

the happy tulip house tour 7

Maria’s House Haven Tour
Visit Maria @ Rusty Hinge

Angela’s House Haven Tour
Visit Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

Now isn’t that a talented group of ladies!!! I am also honored to say four of them our fellow Michigan Bloggers! Isn’t that fabulous?

Take some time to visit each of their blogs. I am sure you will leave feeling as inspired as I have from following them.

Would you like to be included in the ongoing House Haven Tour Series? If so feel free to send me an email at awomenshaven@hotmail.com I would love to hear from you!

Happy 2013!!

Best of 2012

Boy! What a year it has been! It got off to a wonderful start with the birth of our little guy in January. He has added so much joy to our lives. We have loved every phase of his first year.0041

Blogging, craftiness, and home décor projects took back seat to everything baby, but I did find some time on the weekends to do a few fun projects here and there. I have compiled some of my favorites…

{DIY Chalkboard Grocery List}


{DIY Photo Frame Clip}


{DIY Photo Boards}

Guest Post Photo

{Thrifty Repurposed Jewelry Storage}


{Holiday Chalkboard}


{Thrifting: My Favorite Finds}


{Sweet Baby Hands}


{Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub}


What were some of your favorite projects of 2012?

Hot Cocoa Station

A staple in our home this time of year is hot cocoa! I love making my mom’s homemade batch of the mixture. I also enjoy keeping it handy where we can easily grab a mug or two to take the chill off on a cold evening at home.



My favorite Santa…

I found this Santa at Goodwill a couple years ago and just loved him! I think I may have spent $3.99 for him. This year I paired him with our large travel map.


I also made a stop at a local Goodwill this week and came home with a few things. Less than $4.00 spent and I loved all of my items I found.

These pretty blue glass ornaments…


This large monogram “C”…


This bottle will be added to my collection in preparation for our 2013 summer wedding.


Our little guy is just loving the tree!


This Time of Year…

This time of year marks the beginning of a long season of basketball.

This was our first “home” game.


Big Sis was a BIG help at the game! She loves helping to take care of him.


Congratulating Dad on his team’s win! The girl’s are now 3-0!


He loved having the wide open space of the gym after the game where he could play with big sis.044045

Scenes From My Weekend

I have been savoring my weekends more and more lately.
This weekend I took a moment to savor…

my morning coffee


beautiful, fresh fallen snow


country road scenery


our growing boy who sat still long enough for me to get a photo


holiday décor