Baby Laughs!


“Laughter is an instant vacation.” Milton Berle


Donut Fruit Kabobs

This was a quick and easy treat for our beach trip.

2012 Ludington & Back Yard Fun 069

I used some donut holes, strawberries and some skewer sticks.
Cut off the top of the strawberries and then alternate each item on a skewer stick. I started and ended each one with a donut hole which helped to hold them together.

2012 Ludington & Back Yard Fun 073

The kids loved them and they were so easy for them to eat without getting sand all over.

2012 Ludington & Back Yard Fun 078

A Day at the Beach

2012 Ludington & Back Yard Fun 100

We finally made it to Lake Michigan for a day. It turned out to be a beautiful day to be at the beach.

2012 Ludington & Back Yard Fun 1172012 Ludington & Back Yard Fun 1192012 Ludington & Back Yard Fun 1402012 Ludington & Back Yard Fun 1422012 Ludington & Back Yard Fun 1321

Quick Beach Tip: Apply baby powder to your feet to help keep the sand from sticking to you. It works wonders!

2012 Ludington & Back Yard Fun 086

House Haven Tour: Raising up Rubies

... from Raising up Rubies

I've always been a little bit of this and a little bit of that...

wife to a handsome hubby and mama to two sweet but crazy girls.

... and never having met a craft I don't like!

Blessed with the privilege of being a stay at home mom,

i decided a long time ago that I wanted to invest into our home,

to make it both functional & fun ... a place where i always want to go back to ...

a place where i look forward to having pajamas days in.

My heart's desire is that it be somewhere that people always feel welcome Black heart (cards)

Chas! thanks so much for allowing me to share ...

come on over and stop by anytime

Raising up Rubies

House Haven Tour: Life as a Thrifter

Hello! I'm Holly from Life as a Thrifter. For years I've been obsessed with thrifting and creating a home out of it. I love mixing the new with the old and bringing out the bold in the bland. My home is a place where I don't worry about spills or knicks. It's a place we relax and feel at ease.
It's a place I feel most happy.




Thanks for allowing me to share today, Chas! If you'd like to see more home tour photos or thrifty projects, be sure to stop by Life as a Thrifter.

A Summer Evening

It has been a great week to get out and enjoy the sunshine! Our home is a disaster area right now due to a few projects we have going on in our downstairs bathroom & kitchen. We have had new flooring put into both rooms, new paint, and other mini room updates. Last night was a great night to get out and just enjoy relaxing in our backyard.


Idea File: DIY Ring Holder

I love how this dollar store organizer was turned into a cute ring holder. Check out {Tea Rose Home} for the tutorial.

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