Thrifty Tuesday

My creative excursion: Looking for items to use in my craft room.

1.) 11 small tin molds. I got these at my local thrift store. All for $1. I am not sure what I am going to do with them yet, but I thought they may end up in my craft room holding some of my small scrapbooking supplies.

2.) 8 corked bottles. I have a weakness for bottles of varying sizes with corks in them. Fortunately these were all FREE from my mother. The tall ones I like to group together on shelves and the small one I always endup filling up with something around the house.

3.) Black metal trash bin. This will be used in our spare bedroom which I will also use as my craft room. I thought it was pretty affordable at $7 and had a lot of character.

4.) 8 small brown transferware(?). I just really like these and for $3 I couldn't pass them up.

5.) 4 small tin molds. All for $.75

6.) A white wire hanging basket. I will more than likely put this to use in my craft room. This was another FREE item from my mother.

7.) A woven purse. I like to hang a group of woven bags and purses together.

8.) 3 books to add to my collection. all for $3.

9.)Large glass jar. I am thinking of using this in my laundry area to hold my laundry soap.

10.) Large basket. I can't make up my mind, yet where I will be using this, but I know I have a few options.

11.) 2 large glass canisters. Will be used for pasta in my pantry.

12.) 2 canvas bird prints. I thought these were unique. Something that I don't normally come acrossed in the local thrift store so I sprang the $4 for them. They will go perfectly in our spare bedroom.

13.) 4 white pedestal holders. Another weakness of mine. All were different from what I currently have in my other collection. $4 for the group.

14.) 2 vintage flower pins. $.50 I couldn't pass them up.

15.) An old doorknob. I seen this on a door at my Mom's while I was rummaging throught her "junk" goodies and couldn't resist. As my sister said in a phone call are you "shopping" at Mom's again. I may mount them to a board to use as a hanger in our spare bedroom.

16.)Wooden dish rack. I had been pricing these for awhile, but didn't want to spend the money so I am exceptionally blessed to have gotten it from my mom for FREE.

17.)2 peg coat holders. One was $2 and the other free.

18.) A wire freezer basket. I am going to put this to use in my craft room a.k.a. spare bedroom.

19.) 4 metal shelf holder. These will hold two shelves above my desk in my craft room. A summer yardsale find for only $2.

20.) Large gold urn. This will be getting a new paint job and then will have a home on our front porch.

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