29 Gift Giving Challenge

I found this wonderful website http://www.29gifts.org/

29 Gifts is a global giving movement with several thousand members in 38 countries. Our collective mission at 29 Gifts is to revive the giving spirit in the world. We change lives—and change the world—one gift at a time. You can learn more about how our 29-Day Giving Challenge works and sign up to join us by committing to give your gifts to the world.

29 Gifts: How A Month Of Giving Can Change Your Life is available in book stores now. 29 Gifts is the insightful story of how our founder, Cami walker, saw her life change as she embraces and reflects on the naturally reciprocal process of giving and receiving. By Day 29, not only had Cami’s health and happiness improved, but she had created a worldwide giving movement. The book also includes personal essays from others whose lives changed for the better by giving 29 Gifts. More than a memoir, 29 Gifts offers inspiring lessons on how a simple daily practice of altruism can dramatically alter your outlook on the world. Visit your local bookstore to buy a copy now, or order online from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Borders today.

I haven't purchase the book...YET, but I have added it to my amazon wish list. I think this is something that I will begin. Just in time for the "gift giving" season.

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