Be Still My Beating HEART!

I LOVE finding great things
that people find used and
then put their own
personality into them.
I stumbled on the
magnificent individual, Sachiko
from Tea Rose Home today
and just fell in LOVE with
what she makes or transforms.
She has a sweet, romantic style
that I just love.
When I am out thrifting,
woven bags, purses, and totes
always catch my eye
and more times than not
I can't pass them up.
They end up coming home with me.
After seeing how she has
transformed these bags,
I have another project
added to my GROWING list
of things that I will be
CREATING in the near future.
Here is a picture of what she started with...
And here is what she did with just a little cute!!
Some more of her creations...EYE CANDY...
This is my favorite! I love the pom-poms!

She has some wonderful tutorials
on some of her other creations!
All of which are wonderfully pretty!

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