Life Lesson for Women #1

Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.
Lucille Ball
Life Lesson #1:
Take Stock of Your Life
You have a choice --- You can create a life you LOVE.

The first step in doing this is to look back over  your life, not with a critical eye, but rather to discover the connecting thread that gives your life rhythm and meaning. In recalling our lives we re-collect ourselves. We gather together our forgotten priorities and passions.

We all have them. Even if we live the most satisfying life each of us pushes aside a passion or two to keep balance. We put them aside with the hopes of being able to focus on them at another time when life isn’t so busy or full.

My list of forgotten passions…

Creative pursuits: Life got in the way the last few months. I haven’t had any time to focus on connecting to myself in a creative way. I feel rejuvenated when I can create something beautiful. I vow to take this time for myself.

Connecting with other women: Gathering with a group of women who have a passion for celebration, self-growth, and sharing is a necessity for me. I vow to take this time for myself.

Journaling: I would love to learn techniques for art journaling. This is a practice that I hope to begin implementing more. Art journaling is a combination of self reflection and creativity. Both are vital for me to feel balanced. I vow to take this time for myself.

Spending time in Nature: I love celebrating the joys that each season has to offer.

Spring: A season of growth
Summer: A season of activity
Fall: A season of gratitude
Winter: A season of reflection

I vow to take time this time for myself.

What are your forgotten passions?

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