Perfect Protest



I love, love loud music.

If you pass me on the highway you will most likely see me singing at the top of my lungs.

My teenage daughter rolls her eyes at me about twenty times a day.

I love road trips.

My home is often a calm, quiet home.

I add cinnamon to my morning coffee.

I adore BBC movies and TV shows.

I am forgetful.

I support gay rights.

I hope to read all of Jane Austin’s books…someday.

I often start projects and then don’t finish them for days, weeks, or months.

I love celebrating with food!

I read more than one book at a time.

I consider myself to be open minded.

I am currently at a creative “roadblock”.

I have a major sweet tooth.

I believe that everyone has kindness in their heart.

I am a cat lover.

I carry a  notepad with me everywhere so I can write down the things I need to remember.

I love Lake Michigan!

I wear my heart on my sleeve.

I enjoy flea markets & Yard sales.

I try to listen to my womanly intuition as often as possible.

I love Belly Laughs!

I enjoy cooking & sewing, but am not very good at either.

I love learning & trying “new” things.

I am emotional.

I hope to take a painting class in the spring.

I quite often go to La La land in mid conversation with people and then have to tell myself to focus!

I consider myself a good listener even in spite of having frequent trips to La La Land.

I have a loud, boisterous laugh.

I like to debate about things I feel passionate about.

I am flexible.

I cry after watching EVERY episode of Extreme Home Makeover.

I once watched a Extreme Home Makeover marathon…I went through a whole box of Kleenex and was puffy-eyed all day…I will never do that again.

I am not perfect.

I am inspired by the Perfect Protest.

Join the Perfect Protest Movement with Brene’ Brown.

 Half-Past Kissin' Time


  1. Love this post! I love just real honest posts and lists. Thanks for inspiring me!!!

  2. A motto among some friends and I is "Amazing - not perfect." Sounds like you are too! :)

  3. *love* all of this. *love* jennie's motto too!

    so much goodness. :)