A Day of Reflection & {11} Aspirations for 2011


My aspirations for 2011…


I aspire to do lunch, dinner or coffee with a girlfriend at least once a week.


I aspire to drink more water.


I aspire to learn more health conscious recipes.


I aspire to join Joy Tree Yoga Center.


I aspire to host a monthly woman’s group at the local library.


I aspire to buy “local” more often.


I aspire to paint my kitchen cabinets, my downstairs bathroom & build a pantry.


I aspire to grow creatively in my pursuit of photography.


I aspire to network with creative bloggers & individuals.


I aspire to lose 20 lbs.


I aspire to celebrate life more!

1 comment:

  1. yay for goals! i have a few too but i'm too scared-y pants to post them on the real live interweb for fear I'd have to actually do them ;) go girl!