Shades of the Season: One last look at Winter


I am so ready for Spring, but I am going to miss these morning views.

I have mentioned before that I often take a side trip or two on my way to work to grab a photo or two.

Here are some of photos from a couple weeks ago. We had a beautiful clear morning where everything had a frosty dusting of snow & ice. It was just beautiful!




This is what I woke up to this morning…Freezing Ice!

I thought about crawling back into bed, but responsibility called and said I needed to be some where so I went to work.



  1. Beautiful photos Chas! You always get the best photos on your way to work.

  2. Good Morning!

    Just wandered over from FTLOB and love this post! I so love Winter's serenity and the endless view of the snow blanket that covers the woods around my home but, like you, am very ready for Spring.

    I do have that nagging feeling that March might have a snow surprise ready for some of us, especially here in New York.

    Peeked at your jewelry too...some great pieces, especially that Moonstone ring!

    Have a lovely week-end!

  3. beautiful pictures! I love winter! I love the coldness, snow (when we are lucky to get it)and fires in the fireplace. But, like you - I am ready for Spring too. Have a great Saturday.

  4. beautiful photos...visiting from a blog hop.. visit at:

  5. Your blog is gorgeous - and that photo with the barn! I love barns, your photo is a gorgeous capture.

    BTW, I am your newest follower from the Weekend Wander. I'd love a follow back at Dropped Stitches. Thanks!!

  6. Stopping by from FtLoB. I'm a new follower! How great that you took a truly scenic route to work and captured these pictures! I like how you can see the half-moon in the first pic from your drive. The ice on the branches look amazing. So much beauty in nature!
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  7. Wow! Just popped over from FTLOB and couldn't be more pleased! What a gorgeous post and beautiful blog! Those pictures are heaven x

  8. Hi there = I've just popped over from the Sunday Blog Hop, and really like your blog. What beautiful photos of the snow. I live in England, and we had all our snow the week before Christmas, which caused havoc to everyone's plans of getting home for Christmas! :( I am ready for some warmth and sunshine now, so roll on spring!

  9. Hi, I came by the way of FTLOB! These pictures are beautiful, so crisp and sparkly!

  10. WOW I'm glad I found your blog through FTLOB! Absolutely gorgeous photography... you have captured the beauty of winter that is too often overlooked. I like how you are appreciating winter even though there's a case of spring fever going around the blog world... :)

  11. Hello, new follower from Say Hi Sunday hop...have a great week! Sue

  12. I love these pictures. Such serenity!
    I live on a farm and LOVE my barn too, especially in the winter. But I like it in the spring and summer too when there isn't snow ha ha!
    I am with you, I am ready for spring!