Old Barns & A Quilt Trail


I love old barns! I believe each one has a story. I love the patina of the old worn wood, the stone foundations, their slanted frames, and all of their other flaws earned from age.


We have an Osceola County Quilt Trail which showcases quilt block replicas on the sides of old barns or buildings in our county. It is a nice pop of color as you drive by. I try to stop and get a photo or two whenever I pass by as often as I can.


You can read more about the {Osceola County Quilt Trail} at their blog.

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  1. Those old barns are awesome, and I agree with you. The stories they could tell. We used to have loads of old barns in the countryside around us but, unfortunately, most of them have been converted into homes for people to live in :(