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Please welcome Amy from {A Nest for All Seasons}!

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I am a professional photographer and blogger based out of Hershey, PA and am the author and photographer behind the blog 'A Nest for All Seasons'. The blog uses photography to illustrate basic principles of gardening, cooking and DIY design all while raising three little boys.

I live with my husband, three little boys, a cat and 4 hens on a few acres neighboring up to a Christmas Tree Farm and down the road from Hershey Park.

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We are very blessed to live the country life we have always dreamt of and I love sharing our experiences growing produce, teaching our boys lessons from the garden and cooking naturally.

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Our home is a haven because I try to carve out nesting spaces for each person -- spaces that each person can feel warm, protected and safe in.

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For our boys, we created tents that fit over their beds and an outdoor fort and secret garden for them. The tents originally had fabric sides out of plaid patchwork, but my crazy rough boys ripped the sides and destroyed them. Leaving the frame allowed them to create their own nests and every night there is a different set of sheets, blankets and pillows draped over the frame and propped up to create their very own nests. The fort and secret garden were also framed and built, but the design and ever-changing functions of both are completely up to the boys!

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A nest for all seasons

My husband literally carved himself a secret room downstairs complete with swiveling panels and trick locks. his room houses a few of his favorite things - books, photos of travels and allows him to have a spot he can retreat to.

My nest is my office space. I took a small nook in our dining room and created a space that is just perfect for me. A large, white clean working space and a view of the garden. No one is allowed to step a foot on the white carpet under my desk and no one is allowed to touch my papers.

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Even when I am not physically in my space, walking past and seeing my clean, beautiful nesting space makes my home a haven.

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Thank you Amy for giving us a glimpse into your nest!

You have a wonderful haven for you and your family!

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