House Haven Tour: The Golden Sycamore

Hi!  I'm Allison from The Golden Sycamore!  Just want to start out with a huge thank you to Chas for featuring my home!  You really feature absolutely beautiful homes with impeccable decorating and design ... I am so very thankful for the opportunity to share my humble abode with you and your readers!
My husband, daughter and I moved into our current house just a year ago.  We have been working on updating it ever since.  We have done a lot of remodeling, but haven't quite gotten to the decorating part of things quite yet.  The house was in good shape when we bought it, but most of it was stuck in the '60s and needed to be updated. 
When I say that we've been working on updating our house ever since we bought it, I mean that literally.  We actually ripped out the rust-colored shag carpet in our daughter's room the day we closed on the house.  There was no way we were going to allow her cute little toes to even touch that gross, old carpet! 
I hope you enjoy the updates we have done to the house so far.  Like I said, we have a long way to go still with adding personality and our family's style into the decorating, but now we have a clean slate to do that with.  A year into living here, I'm finally starting to feel like this is my family's haven.  We rented our last home and I am so thankful to finally own a home again.  I love how we can add our own personality to it and feel like this is truly our space!

Be sure to stop by my blog soon to check out where we started just a year ago so you can fully appreciate the transformation!
Our newly painted kitchen.  We painted the cupboards with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and absolutely love how they turned out!
One of the only places in the house that is actually "decorated"!  Our "mantel" in the dining room that I get to update every season.
Our basement bathroom which has probably been the most updated of any room in our home.

Our guest bedroom.
The living room.  So glad we got rid of the old carpet which revealed nice hardwood floors underneath!  (I'm hoping to do a gallery wall here some day in the huge open space above the couch.  Just need to get enough frames!)

Thanks again to Chas for featuring me and my humble home.  I truly appreciate the opportunity!

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