House Haven Tour: rusty hinge

Hello!  My name is Maria from rusty hinge.  Thank-you, Chas, for inviting me to share on your lovely blog!  It is such a pleasure and honor to be here! 
Karl and I moved into our hundred-year-old farmhouse located in northern Michigan four years ago after renting in town for a while.  Growing up on a small dairy farm and being surrounded by nothing but fields and open spaces, I knew I had to get out of the town.  When we decided it was time to find a spot of our very own, we found this old farmhouse and knew it was the one for us!  It has many things that might merit complaint, but I call it character and charm!  We have only done minor cosmetic work on her such as painting and small updates, but we have big plans that will happen in time.  My farmhouse is my haven because it is a place to work, a place to rest, and a place to live!  Our home is our safe haven to face challenges, accept disappointments, consider decisions and rejoice over accomplishments.  It is a where we laugh, cry, vent, and love.  My fondest moments occur after a long, hard day's work around the house, when I can finally kick my weary feet up on our porch railing with Karl on a warm summer's evening.  The lawn freshly mowed, garden weeded, and all daily projects completed, there is nothing left to do but enjoy the sun setting over the rolling farm fields.  I love it here and I am truly blessed!

Thank-you for taking this little tour of our home!  I hope you feel welcome to come back again for a visit at rusty hinge!  Our door is always open! Thank-you again, Chas, for your invitation!  I had a wonderful time here!
Maria ~Rusty Hinge

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