Cutest Clown in Town

Halloween night was a perfect night at home for us.

We picked up a few things to celebrate the season like some apple cider, pumpkin cake doughnuts, and candy corn.



Our little guy was very anxious to have some time outside. As you can see he was a little upset at not being able to go out when he thought he was ready.


He was instantly fine once he was able to go out on the front porch.



He was the little helper for the evening! He sat in the chair handing out candy to the kids who came to our front porch. It was a rainy day, but luckily it was pretty warm so he could comfortable sit outside with out needing to be bundled up. Two days before we were snow covered. Michigan weather is really that unpredictable so you really never know what to expect this time of year.029

Later that night we watch It’s a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.


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