Do you know that old saying...
"When LIFE hands
 you lemons
make lemonade"

Well today I just
don't feel like it!!
 Now I am on average
 (actually more than average)
 almost always a
optomistic person.
 I preach that to others,
but today is
just one of those days
where I want to
 feel sorry for myself.
 I didn't get the job
 that I so dearly wanted
and although I tell myself
that the UNIVERSE
 has a better plan for me
 it still feels like a kick to the stomach.
So tonight I am just
 going to make some
COMFORT food and
catch up on old episodes
of Grey's Anatomy.
 Tomorrow will be a brighter day!

1 comment:

  1. So sorry! It stinks when the plan for us isn't as clear as we want it to be. I do hope you can have a nice time today and feel much better tomorrow, maybe your plan will be more clear in the morning!
    Hugs, Lisa