I seen YOU CAPTURE @ I Should Be Folding Laundry
and thought It would be fun to participate from time to time.
This week's theme is SUMMER.
I have had a busy week!
Projects around the yard,
a day at the beach with kids, and
my son's birthday.
 I love the view
of my backyard
from my patio door.
As you can see
I am in the process
of adding a stepping stone pathway.
In September we will
 have lived in our house for a year.
I have enjoyed watching
different flowers come
out all throughout
the Spring and Summer.

My son turned 12 this week.
He chose to go fishing
 on his birthday at
his favorite spot on
 the river that goes through town.
My brother and I took our kids on a road trip
 to Lake Michigan
and spent the afternoon there.

This is me with all the kids.
Every time I go by this
barn I LOVE it
so I had to pull over
and take a photo.


  1. Beautiful pictures Chas - I love the ones from Lake Michigan, of course!

  2. I love the view from your patio door too, the path will look great. really like the fourth photo too.

  3. Oh wow! Your summer is so pretty. I love these images. Especially the kids on their way to the water. They look so very happy! Love the barn also. And that gorgeous sky. WOWZA!