Heart Therapy

Ashley over at {Eisy Morgan} has started a new blog series with prompts to promote “Heart Therapy”. This week she is asking us to share a letter to our younger self. Being an person who loves to journal I have done this exercise a few times and here is my most recent letter to myself.

Love your self first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world. {Lucille Ball}

Hello there dear beautiful Woman! How are you today? Do you realize today how brilliant and wonderful you are? If not let let me take a minute to list the ways.
You are beautiful inside and out.
You are kind and love to care for your loved ones.
Sometimes you need to be reminded to pay attention to your needs and wants too, but you try often to be aware.
You are compassionate and smart.
Your positive, soft energy is often felt even after you exit a room…so I have been told.
You passionately protect your loved ones.
You keep people thinking.
You focus on a person’s strengths rather than their faults and often encourage everyone to be there best.
You do your best to live with integrity and steer clear of gossip and negativity.
On top of all of these grand qualities you are also very creative.
You easily pick up on how to do a great many things and then do them with ease.
You are a nurturing, caring, loving mother.
You have a fantastic ear for listening.
Your intuition and empathy are two of your greatest qualities.
Listen to your “authentic” self more often!
You have touched many with your loving wisdom.
You try to surround yourself with peace…NO drama for this girl. It completely disrupts your emotional rhythm.
Speaking of emotions…They are another one of your greatest assets. You show what you feel and there is never any harm in wearing your heart on your sleeve. It is who you are! Embrace it!
Thoughts become things…Choose the good ones!
Don’t be defined by others!

To love oneself is the beginning of a life long romance {Oscar Wilde}


  1. This is so uplifting! I may copy it and pretend it was the one I wrote to myself :)

  2. Very uplifting indeed. :) Loved reading it