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Good Afternoon! I am a little late in posting this today because of internet troubles…ugh! I will say that not much really happened this last week. I had a couple days when I was homebound from not feeling well. I didn’t sleep for a whole night which threw off my sleeping schedule. I am a little nervous as I enter my last trimester of the pregnancy that I will have even more trouble sleeping.

I am very grateful for the movements of my little one each day. I had forgotten how uncomfortable baby hiccups can be, but getting to place J.J’s hand on my tummy as we lay in bed in the morning for him to feel how strong the movements of the baby have become brings me a lot of joy. My friends and family have begun planning our baby shower which has also renewed my faith in how much support I have surrounding me and our baby. It has been fun to have creative input in the baby shower planning process because I love planning things like that. Pinterest has been a fun resource to collect ideas and inspiration. It is my new addiction!

Ashley at Eisy Morgan prompted us to speak about Fear in her weekly Heart Therapy series. It is nice to be able to say that right now I feel okay. I am not fearful of anything right now. I am grateful for that! I look forward to the holiday season and our new addition to the family. I look forward to the changes our family will make with this addition. I look forward to completing the nursery. Having said all that I am a complex, emotional woman who can change quite quickly from time to time. Today I don’t fear anything, but tomorrow I could. The worries I had a couple weeks ago could creep up again and plague me, but today I will relish in the feeling of not being fearful and having faith that things will work out the way they are supposed to. My mantra in my life has mostly been to have faith that what is supposed to happen will happen and even if it is difficult from time to time there is a lesson of growth or self awareness nestled within that moment of difficulty. When I begin to get fearful I try my best to remind myself of this.

What is your mantra in tough times? What do you remind yourself when life throws you disappointments?

I love hearing others stories so please share them with me. I think one of the greatest things we can do for each other is to share our stories so that others may not feel alone in their times of need.

Don’t you agree?

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  1. How very exciting you have a little one on the way! As for mantras for tough times, I suppose mine is: "This too shall pass." And it's not a mantra so much, but I know the very HARDEST times of my life have been times in which I learned the biggest lessons too. So, there is that.

    On that topic, I normally don't engage in TOO much shameless self-promotions, but I thought you might be interested to read this week's edition of a Pinnacle Moments series hosted on my blog. This one is written by Brook, from Red Head Reverie, who also participates in Virtual Coffee. Her post is amazing, a story worth sharing, and I would like her to not feel alone in putting herself out there is this tale. You can find it here:

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  3. To live fearlessly is certainly a goal for me - a tough one, but we strive. That Emerson (I think it was, or maybe Churchill) quote "we have nothing to fear but fear itself" stays with me in this regard. Three other mantras for me (less inspiring, but calming and oddly motivating) are: this too shall pass; just do it, and it's done; and life - it goes on.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend, Chas. x

  4. ...the classic "keep calm and carry on" was my mantra last winter... it is more "drink it in" ...stop and drink in everything around...cheesy but works ;)