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Hi All! I am Courtney and my blog home is over at Between U & Me! I am so happy to be here today at A Woman's Haven! I love coming here and checking out all the awesome inspiration that Chas has to offer!
Today, I'm going to do a little tutorial on how to make the EASIEST custom jewelry hanger, that you can hang right on your wall. These ones I did in pinks and greens for E's room. I'm also going to do a little walk-through of E's new "big girl" room since I'm super excited it's finally finished. Well, sort of finished. I'm never ACTUALLY finished. I'm always tweaking something here or there. Y'all know what I mean, right?
What you'll need:
2 pieces of styrofoam
2 pieces of scrapbook paper
Screw-in hooks
Hot Glue
Sawtooth Hanger
Spray Adhesive
1. Start out by cutting your scrapbook paper to fit your styrofoam. Don't forget to cut strips to cover the sides.

2. Then, using your spray adhesive, adhere the paper to the styrofoam. To make the stick hold even better, spray your surface and then let it sit for 1 minute before you adhere the paper to the styrofoam.

3. After the glue is nice and dry, decide how many hooks you want hanging down for your jewelry to hang on. (I decided 4 would be good for mine.) Measure the space evenly for your hooks and mark your spots. Then, take your screw-in hooks and apply a little hot glue to the tip and then shove it in where you have made your marks.

4. Again, use your hot glue gun to apply the sawtooth hanger on the back. Position it in the middle and towards the top.

5. Lastly, embellish the front. I decided to add some glittery letters that read "sweet" for my "sweet" little one. Voila!

Here is her "big girl" bed and L's old guardrail (which is why it doesn't match). I thought about painting it, but she's not going to have it much longer so I didn't bother. The butterfly mobile is a Pottery Barn knock off that my mom made for E.

When E gets older and I'm convinced she won't electrocute herself on that pretty lamp she has on her dresser, I'll move it to the bedside table along with some other little knick knacks for her.
I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and that you'll come over to Between U & Me and say "hi!"

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  1. LOVE the paint color!! do you by chance have the name???