House Haven Tour: La Famille

Hi Everybody! I'm Alicia and I blog over at La Famille.
I'm here today to show you my house. So come on in....
Here she is, a 1932 two-story stucco. Isn't she pretty? :)
I love the vines in the summer and her stateliness.
She's settled down in the middle of South Dakota.
Inside is full of character. We searched forever to find an old house that had loads of character that we didn't have to do a ton of work to.
Here's the living room...
And dining room.
The main thing we did to this house was paint. The colors were bad. Really bad.
It's amazing how much a little paint can do.
The kitchen is one of my favorites. It's bright and it faces the backyard, which is great for watching little kiddies.
At the top of the stairs is the sunroom. It's a great room for reading and snuggling.
We love that house....
but we don't live there anymore.
Back in October we made a huge move
to Asheville, North Carolina.
Now we don't really have a house. We are renting a townhome while we get settled and figure out where we want to be in this new city.
Our townhouse is new and not really my style, but it's super convenient and it's been a fun challenge for me.
Here's a few snaps...
Being here in this rented home has given me time to rest and reflect on how much I love my nest.  I am so looking forward to house shopping again and making another old home ours.
Thank you so much for touring my homes with me; old and new.
Come visit me at La Famille anytime! :)

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  1. I sighed out loud when I saw your kitchen. I love the white cabinets! You have great style..each room has so much personality. I love the 'Chrystal' door knobs. I grew up in an old home that had lots of personality and we had those door knobs. Used to pretend they were diamonds! ;-)