5 Things I am Loving Right Now…

I am totally LOVING my time at home with him…and his expressive little eyebrows. He scowls at us a lot! We just laugh!


My House Haven Tour series will begin again on March 6th. I can’t wait to share the beautiful, inspiring homes of  fellow bloggers. Every Tuesday will be a treat! Gotta Love that!

House Haven Tour Button 3

I am loving Dr. Bonners Lavender Soap. I use this on our little guy and just love the smell!

I can’t get enough of Adele right now. Just love her music!

I am loving this book and the new mom book club that I hope to attend in a couple weeks.

Join in the fun over at Chesterrific!

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  1. Thanks for joining the party! I love Adele, such beauty! Your little one is adorable!

    I haven't read that book yet, fear it will be too hard to get through ... will you do a book review after, I'd love to know what to expect.

    Maegan :)