Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub

This has been the summer of weddings for us! We have attended three out of the six we were invited to. All in a span of four weeks. Five months after having Baby K I am still scrambling to find clothing that fits from of my pre pregnancy closet. I have had to purchase a few new dresses to have something to wear to all these weddings.

A favorite trick of mine for getting silky smooth legs throughout the summer is this homemade sugar scrub.

2 tbsp.Coconut oil
1/4 cup White Sugar
2 tsps. Lemon Juice

Mix it all together in a container (with a lid). After shaving I will apply the scrub to my legs, rinse off, and then shave again. Any leftover amount I save in the container to continue using throughout the week.


Erbes Wedding 31

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  1. I am crazy about coconut body scrub and lotions! Too bad bath and body works discontinued my favorite coconut scent :( I'd like to try this one :) Thanks for sharing!

    I hope you could share this at Linky Party I am having every Friday!