House Haven Tour: Raising up Rubies

... from Raising up Rubies

I've always been a little bit of this and a little bit of that...

wife to a handsome hubby and mama to two sweet but crazy girls.

... and never having met a craft I don't like!

Blessed with the privilege of being a stay at home mom,

i decided a long time ago that I wanted to invest into our home,

to make it both functional & fun ... a place where i always want to go back to ...

a place where i look forward to having pajamas days in.

My heart's desire is that it be somewhere that people always feel welcome Black heart (cards)

Chas! thanks so much for allowing me to share ...

come on over and stop by anytime

Raising up Rubies


  1. Hey there! love your blog :) and was wondering if you would follow back... trying my hardest to get more followers. It would be great!

  2. Very nice, thanks for sharing. Impressed by the bedroom, very elegant.