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A little over a month ago I traveled to a nearby community for an annual flea market that they host in the fields of an old airport.


It's a very small market and I didn't really know what to expect.
I did find a small pile of loot all for less then $5.

The community also hosted thier annual city-wide yard sales so I drove around a bit to see what I could find. One stop I made in particular ended up making the trip well worth my time. The owners were very eager to sell and everything I stopped to look at they were throwing great prices at me. I have really been practicing my negotiating skills while out an about at markets. After looking at a few items and having them throw prices out at me I decided to throw out a price for the whole "bundle". I was overjoyed when they accepted! I saved almost $40 from the prices they were originally giving to me so that made me happy. I picked up a queen size wrought iron bed frame, a wooden tool caddy, and this industrial locker all for $50.

This locker definately needed some love, but I was hoping with some TLC and a little paint that it would end up fitting into my bathroom. I loved the height, depth, and size.
A transformation post will be coming in the near future!


I hope you enjoyed following along with me to the flea market! More Come Flea with Me posts to come...
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