House Haven Tour: {twenty}something

Hello!  I am Heather from {twenty}something.  I am so happy to share with you why my home is our haven.
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I grew up in a busy house of 8!  I fought a minimum of a 30 minute commute to work, church and college and thought it was normal.  I moved to downtown Jacksonville for a few years and lived the crazy military life just miles off of a base.  When it came time to decide where we would call home, we chose my husband's quaint town on Dahlonega in the North Georgia mountains.  We still have a 30 minute commute to the high school where we teach, but sometimes you won't pass a car!  We stay busy teaching, sponsoring clubs, coaching and working out, so our time at home MUST be calm, peaceful and beautiful so we are ready to get up and press repeat the next morning.
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Every room starts with the paint colors.  We chose Sherwin William blues, greys, greens and off whites to pull of the light and inviting feel that we wanted.
We also incorporate many white accessories and details.  It creates the crisp and clean look that makes us happy.
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We are both nature lovers who love to be outside.  We chose to use many natural elements in our decorating.
We have also made it our top priority to create a comfortable home.  When we are here, we recharge and reconnect.  We have blankets, pillows, quilts and cushions all over!
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Another thing I do to create our haven is keep fresh flowers in the rooms.  This is so easy to do!  Publix has a great assortment of flowers for $4.00 a bundle.  They last at least 2 weeks.

Home Haven Flowers
Although our house is our haven, it is in no way perfect.  I would be lying if I told you this post wasn’t a challenge to write.  I felt like our house wasn’t “done” enough to post this (you will notice empty shelves and picture frames with no photographs/art in them as well as blank walls that need filling).  I felt that it had to be perfectly clean to capture a few pictures (would you call me crazy if you knew that I even refilled the Glade with a new cartridge and used my scented Swiffer wipes before I took pictures?).  I want to paint my living room end table and the yellow frame in the current mantelscape but didn’t have time before this post needed to go out.  However, I learned that if I waited for my home to be done, I would never snap a picture!  Sometimes, my style changes with one look before I even finish it!  All in all, I love to be surrounded by beautiful things, and this is just a little taste of what we choose to do to make our home our haven. 
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  1. Thanks so much for the feature! I am honored to be one of the women you chose.

  2. Thanks for your tour! Love your decorating and am one of your new Linky followers! Feel free to visit me too!

  3. wow that's a very peaceful and relaxing place you have =)